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Tim (1979) IMDB 6.20(1 692) Full Movie Download

original title: Tim
rating: 6.20(1 692)
drama, romance
Director: Michael Peyt. starring: Piper Laurie, Mel Gibson, Alvin Kerts, Pet Evison, Peter Guinn, …
running time: , 109 min.
release date: 1979


Tim is a very good young man, with mental disabilities. He works at a construction site, and friends often make fun of him. Mary, a woman much older than he, one day invites Tim’s work in her sadu.Rabota for holiday lasts for a few weeks. These are completely different people, gradually get to know each other, and between them arises mutual feeling. However, the residents of a small town begin to talk and throw openly condemning views…

Review: This film made me a different emotions. Of course, he is a very kind and romantic in some moments even sad, teach us to love and believe in what love can be quite different and subjection of all ages and types of people. But, damn it, can’t creep opposing thoughts on the Union of women of rather serious years, and a young man who has a small deviations in intellectual development.
For me personally, the film did not particularly like. He is rather boring and tightened. Gibson played a very lovely and kind young man, so that fans of his work (it is fans and not fans) this is a movie worth seeing.
In General, nothing special in this picture there and the second time I have it look just will not, and in the first time the view is not worth it.
3 out of 10
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